Catholic School Families, Catholic Home Schooling Families, and Non-Catholic Families

In addition to serving the needs of children who attend public schools or non-Catholic private schools, our Children's Faith Formation programs also aim to serve the needs of Catholic School families, Homeschooling families (families who provide education at home rather than sending children to public or private schools), and non-Catholic families, through family and children's social events, sacramental preparation programs, High School Youth Ministry, Outreach, Adult Faith Formation, and more. All of these families are asked to register their children with the Faith Formation office so that parents can receive periodic e-mails regarding programs which may be of interest.

Our School Has Closed - St. Athanasius Parish established and maintained an on-site Catholic School for over 100 years, until financial concerns necessitated its closing in 2010. The parish still holds education of children as a high priority and supports Catholic Schools through its "Parish Share" contributions to the Diocese. Parishioners who are seeking a Catholic School education for their children may choose from many Catholic Schools in the area including St. Theresa of Avila in Perrysville, St Sebastian near the McKnight/Siebert intersection, Assumption in Bellevue, and more.

Catholic School children and teens of the parish are invited to participate in all our parish programs for children and Youth, including Weekly Children's Faith Formation, Vacation Bible School, Sacramental Preparation, and Youth Ministry. With the exceptional knowledge and spiritual development that they receive through the Catholic School experience, Catholic school children can be very effective evangelizers and teachers of other children - while also having fun and making friends in their home parish. Church leaders also teach that it is best if Catholic School families choose for their children to participate in the sacramental preparation programs of their home parishes and receive their Sacraments with the children of their home parish.

Homeschooling families, those who teach their children all the academic subjects at home, are strongly encouraged to enroll their children in our Weekly Children's Faith Formation programs even if they provide Religious Education at home. Our Weekly Faith Formation programs offer home-schooled children the opportunity to become involved and make friends in the parish community in a satisfying and enjoyable way, and the children of homeschooling families can greatly enrich the quality of the Faith Formation experience for all the students.

Non-Catholic Families Non-Catholic families are welcome to participate in the liturgical, educational, social, and outreach events at St. Athanasius parish.   Non-Catholic children need to complete the normal Faith Formation registration process before participating in any Children's Faith Formation events (we do not attempt to convert non-Catholic children to our faith, nor do we require that the family join the parish).

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR NON-CATHOLICS: Because Catholics believe that the celebration of the Eucharist is part of initiation to the Catholic faith (one of the sacraments that makes a person a Catholic forever), and a sign of the reality of our total unity of faith, life, and worship, members of those Christian churches with whom the Catholic Church is not yet fully united are asked not to partake of Holy Communion (Eucharist). Persons who feel a hunger to receive the Holy Eucharist in the Catholic Church may rest assured that faithful Catholics are also longing for their participation in Eucharist! These people are encouraged to investigate our RCIA process or to call the Faith Formation Office to discuss any concerns.


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