Mass Times & Confession

Mass Schedule


Weekend Mass Schedule beginning



4:00 pm     St. Teresa of Avila
5:00 pm     St. Sebastian
6:00 pm     St. Athanasius



7:30 am      Incarnation of the Lord
8:00 am      St. Teresa of Avila
9:00 am      St. Athanasius
10:00 am    St. Sebastian
11:00 am    St. Teresa of Avila
12:00 Noon St. Athanasius
5:00 pm      St. Sebastian

Weekday Mass Schedule



7:00 am       St. Athanasius
12:00 Noon  St. Sebastian


8:00 am       Incarnation of the Lord
12:00 Noon  St. Sebastian


7:00 am       St. Teresa of Avila
12:00  Noon St. Sebastian


7:00 am        St. Athanasius
12:00 Noon   St. Sebastian


7:00 am       St. Teresa of Avila
9:00 am†     St. Sebastian for Holy Cross Academy
12:00 Noon  St. Sebastian


8:00 am       St. Athanasius

† The 9:00 am Mass on Fridays for the school will be scheduled as needed. Please check the bulletin.




Liturgy of the Word for Children

Liturgy of the Word for Children is celebrated every Sunday during the 9:00 am Mass.  Right before the first reading starts, the children are called to gather in the center aisle.  The priest or deacon gives their blessing, and the children and adult volunteers head down to the hall to talk about the Gospel and relate it to the children’s everyday lives and help them grow in their faith.

If you have children, please feel free to bring them along to experience this fun time. If they are a little shy, a parent or older brother or sister are welcome to join them.



Monday  12:30 pm  St. Sebastian Church
Tuesday  8:30 am Incarnation of the Lord Church
Saturday 8:30 am St. Athanasius Church
             11:00 am  St. Teresa of Avila Church






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