The Administration Commission is responsible for the coordination of the various Parish administrative groups to ensure that we are being good stewards of our Parish resources and to foster Parish communication. 


This group meets to coordinate long range planning in the areas of finance, building improvements, and communication.




Buildings and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for the care, maintenance and improvement of all Parish buildings and grounds in order to ensure that they are functionally efficient, clean, attractive, safe, and operational to effectively provide for and promote the mission of the Parish and to sustain the spiritual needs of the faithful of the Parish.



The Communications Committee oversees the timely communication of essential Parish information utilizing all methods of communication available throughout the Parish, providing methods and tools to the various ministries to more effectively reach their audiences, and conveying the energy and excitement of our Parish community, its liturgies, ministries, programs and events.


Finance Council

The Finance Council is a consultative body that advises the Pastor pertaining to the financial affairs of the Parish and assists parish administration in the accountability and safeguarding of Parish resources.  The Council provides financial and accounting expertise through planning and budgeting activities, financial analysis, review and monitoring of Parish financial transactions and preparation of the draft annual financial report to the Parish.  Members are appointed by the Pastor.


Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council consists of a group of parishioners whose purpose is advisory to and consultative with the pastor, sharing the responsibility for the temporal and spiritual needs and actions of the parish in accordance with Canon Law and diocesan legislation and regulations.  Members also serve on, and act as links to the five commissions: Administration, Community, Formation, Outreach, and Worship.


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