The Worship Commission is responsible for the guidance and development of the many ministries that serve God and our parish during the celebration of the Mass and other celebrations throughout the liturgical year of the church. 


Volunteers to serve on the worship commission or any of its affiliated ministries are always needed and welcomed.  Parishioners from all walks of life and life experiences of all age groups are desired to enable us to continue to offer meaningful liturgies that best suit the needs of the diverse population which comprises Saint Athanasius Parish.



Altar Servers

Boys and girls, fourth grade and older, as well as adults, serve our parish in this ministry.  During the summer months, the children handle all the duties which include serving Sundays, Holy Days, and daily Mass as well as weddings and funerals.  During the school year, adults serve daily Mass and funerals Monday through Friday, while the school children continue to serve Saturday mornings, weddings and funerals which occur on Saturday, as well as Sunday Liturgies.  New members are always needed and welcomed into this ministry.


Eucharistic Minister/ Communion of the Sick

This is an opportunity for adults of our parish, 18 years and older, to take a more active role in the liturgy by serving as laypersons who distribute the body and blood of Christ during Mass.  There is also a need for ministers to take the Eucharist to residents of The Haven Assisted Living facility as well as our parish sick and shut-ins.


Liturgy Planning

The focus of the Liturgy Planning Committee is to study and plan all aspects of good liturgy and assist in their implementation in the worship of the parish.  Committee members hope to primarily build the faith of the parish community through an understanding of the church’s rituals and traditions.


Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is now combined to include all four parishes. Here are all of the programs we currently offer:

  • Adult Choir - Rehearses and sings weekly
  • Cantor - Rehearses twice per month, you select your Mass
  • Cherub Choir (Grades 1-5) - Rehearses twice per month, sings once per month
  • Contemporary Choir - Rehearses and sings weekly
  • Handbell Choir - Rehearses weekly, rings every two to three weeks
  • Instrumentalists - Rehearses as needed, play when you choose
  • Joyful Noise Ensemble (Grades 6-12) - Rehearses twice per month, Mass once per month
  • Resurrection Choir - Rehearses a few times per year, sing for the funerals you choose
  • Spirit Brass Band - Rehearses weekly, plays every two to three weeks


The parish is always in need of individuals, high school age and older, to serve in this vital ministry.  They serve God and each other by proclaiming the Word of God at the celebration of the Eucharist, as well as other liturgies.



Do you like to feel welcome wherever you go?  Well when you go to church on Sundays and Holy Days, the ushers and greeters are there to welcome you to Mass.  The members of this organization not only greet you before Mass but also help you find a seat if necessary, take up the offertory collection and participate in the offertory procession.  They direct people during the distribution of the Holy Eucharistic to help ensure a smooth distribution of communion.  Finally, the ushers/greeters help pass out the bulletins and wish people well as they leave the church.


Wedding Coordinators

Participants in this ministry contact the bride several weeks before the wedding to assist in helping to plan the liturgy or service for their wedding.  This ministry allows the bride and groom to be totally stress free when receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony.


Baptism Coordinators

Our Baptism Coordinators ensure that young families have a welcoming and trouble-free experience with Infant Baptism, assisting at one or two Baptism ceremonies per year, helping to set up, greeing guests, and seating people.  Baptism Coordinators also assist in Baptism Preparation classes, providing hospitality and helpful tips on Christian parenting.


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