Deacon Blog

April 2019

Apr 19

Do Not Forget to Remember

If we were to look up the word “remember” (our theme today) in the dictionary, or more commonly, we’d simply Google it, we’d see expressions like “recall, keep in mind, retain in memory.”  In the Bible, “remembering is “re-membering”: like re-attaching something that has been amputated....
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Apr 12

Overcoming our Aversion to Speak the Truth

Though we may be extremely devoted to our faith, there’s a temptation on all of our parts at times to not capitalize on the opportunities that come our way, to convince those that are skeptical, about God’s love. In the Gospel, Jesus shows us how to overcome our aversion to speak the truth. In the Gospel we see that though there was...
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Apr 7

Condemnation Causes Isolation

One of the keys to making our faith life changing is to find ourselves in the Gospel, to see ourselves in every person in the Gospel stories we read. When we immerse ourselves in our reading in this way, we realize that we’re not just reading a book that reflects upon history.  The Gospels are living. They’re breathing....
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