Deacon Blog

April 2014

Apr 24

Open our Minds and Hearts

Its a part of our human condition that we all love to have our minds stretched in new directions.  There are few things more exciting than listen­ing to someone who can open up new horizons in our understanding, like a good teacher, bringing new concepts and learnings to us that we hadn't considered before.  This is one way to...
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Apr 13

The Passion Pit

The word "passion" has various meanings. Theologically, we use it to describe the suffering love that Jesus endured for each of us as he willingly took onto himself the punishment of our sins.  Passion is also used generically to denote a strong enthusiasm for something. Putting the two together, we can say that Jesus cared...
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Apr 10

Keeping the Covenant of the Truth

The hardest substance in the universe is not granite, steel, a diamond or anything of its sort.  The hardest substance in the universe is God's truth. It can't be changed. It can't be remolded into a different shape. It cannot be chiseled away or eroded into something less than what it started out to be. No matter what we believe, the truth...
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Apr 2

God Will Never Let Us Down

Growing up, my dad was Catholic and my mom was an Episcopalian. Between the two, Mom was the really devout one. She watched a lot of religious programming and preaching on TV.  As I remember, many of those preachers, and evangelicals in general, tended to put a heavy emphasis on one's personal relationship with Christ.  Today's...
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