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April 2015

Apr 30

Imitating Jesus on the Cross

Think for a moment of the people who frustrate us the most. Think of those who have (as the Gospel describes) "raised their heel" against us?  Those that really get under our skin.  When we encounter these types of challenging people, how can we best endure the situation, or even grow from the experience?  We can do so...
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Apr 23

No Substitutes for God's Word

Here’s a question for us to ponder: What guidepost(s) do we use to navigate our way through the mystery of faith?  Do we use God’s word as our guidepost, and then act accordingly, or do we choose poor substitutes for God’s word and then follow those norms into a range of acceptability relative to others? We’re being...
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Apr 16

Receiving a Full Portion of the Spirit

There is a sentence embedded in the Gospel reading that we just heard that is intriguing.  It says “God does not ration the gift of the Spirit." This is an intriguing thought because sometimes we don't feel like there's enough of that gift to satisfy us, or we didn't get our fair share. But, do we actually think that the Father...
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Apr 12

Trust When Encountering the Fog

I think that it is important to make the distinction between doubt and distrust. They are not the same. We all have doubts from time to time, and I believe that Thomas just happened to have one of those moments. Doubt is a natural phenomenon of our humanness.  If doubt creeps into our minds on occasion, it’s not a disqualifier, and...
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Apr 9

Repent and Be Converted

The words that come from the mouth of Peter in the First Reading, "repent and be converted" are so arresting that even if we are half way paying attention or daydreaming, it makes us perk up and take notice.  It reminds me of the many times my mom would be watching a Billy Graham Crusade on TV and he was speaking to a stadium...
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Apr 3

Redemptive Suffering

The cross of course is the central symbol of our faith.  More specifically, it also has become a symbol all of the dark power that the world can muster: violence, oppression, injustice, and indifference to suffering. For us today, it should remind us of the redemptive nature of the suffering that Jesus endured. The redemptive suffering of...
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