Deacon Blog

April 2018

Apr 26

Having a Heart for Others

The advertising campaign that has been assembled to attract the next group of men to seek ordination as deacons here in the Pittsburgh Diocese uses the tagline, "Do you have a heart for others?" This sounds like such a simple calling, but at the same time, to have a heart for others in the manner that Christ describes in the Gospel,...
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Apr 19

Responding to Being Sent

In today's Gospel, Jesus says, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me, draw him."  It’s often been said that, in the bible, none of its characters has had an experience of God without being sent in some fashion.  Everyone has been sent out on a mission by God.    Moses sees the burning bush, he...
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Apr 12

Receiving a Full Portion of the Spirit

There is a sentence embedded in the Gospel reading that we just heard that is intriguing.  It says “God does not ration the gift of the Spirit." This is an intriguing thought because sometimes we don't feel like there's enough of that gift to satisfy us, or we didn't get our fair share. But, do we actually think that the Father...
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Apr 8

Thomas the Risk Taker

The moniker, "Doubting Thomas" might generally evoke a negative response. Thomas was the man who doubted that Jesus arose from the dead. If someone compared you to him, you might consider it an insult. But as we consider this Gospel, if we examine his life a little more broadly, we may gain an appreciation for his strong faith, and his...
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Apr 5

Miracle of a Changed Heart

In today's first reading, we see the healing of a crippled man attracting a crowd.  Ministers who are known for their ability to facilitate healing are quite popular even to this date.  They garner large crowds and attract people who are seeking healing for all sorts of physical ailments.   One healing minister that we (Donna...
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