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August 2014

Aug 28

When Jesus Comes for Us

Throughout every generation, there have been those that have predicted the second coming will come... in their lifetimes.  Even though the dates that have been predicted have always been wrong, they were right, at least partially, because Jesus will return someday.  The problem with predictions is that we are clearly told (as was said...
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Aug 21

God's Gratuitous Love for His Children

There was an emphasis in yesterday's readings of God's "gratuitous" love as Fr Bob called it.  If we look at today's readings through the prism of the last sentence of the First Reading, "You shall be my people, and I will be your God", we have more of the same today.  We are God's children and he is our loving...
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Aug 14

Forgiveness through Patience

Today's Gospel clearly provides us with an exhortation to be forgiving.  In both cases where forgiveness was being sought (first where it was sought from the master, and then from the servant) the request by the person seeking forgiveness came in the form of a plea for patience - "Be patient with me, and I will pay you...
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Aug 10

Prayer Helps for What Lies Ahead

Today's Gospel begins as Jesus finishes with the miracle of multiplying the loaves and fish to feed thousands of people, and then he goes off by himself to pray.  Jesus frequently spent time in prayer.  He probably went off by himself to pray a lot more often than what is written in scripture.  So why did Matthew mention it here?...
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Aug 7

Papal Authority

I've been visiting ministers from some of our neighboring West View churches lately, sharing ideas about how we can work collaboratively - being ecumenical -  and learning a little about each others' traditions.   I've found  that when I've talked to ministers of other Christian churches, they tend to know more about Catholic...
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