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August 2015

Aug 27

1000 Marbles - Numbering Our Days

The Psalm today says, “Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain wisdom of heart.” There is a translation of this which says, “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” This version captures the meaning of the original Hebrew, though it doesn’t sound nearly as poetic as what...
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Aug 20

Few Are Chosen

Today’s parable of the king and the wedding feast is a bit of a splash of cold water in our faces as we start our day today.  The expression “many are invited, but few are chosen”, is one that we’ve heard a number of times before, but still should be quite arresting to us – it should get our attention, and...
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Aug 9

Prepare for a Second Wind

There are better known passages about Elijah in the bible than we find in today's First Reading, but today's reading tells the story of Elijah's overcoming weariness by being touched by the angel of the Lord.  This story reminds us that 1) we need to not let our weariness lead to discouragement, and 2) that God is always nearby and willing...
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Aug 6

Transfiguration - Light over Darkness

The Transfiguration is central to our faith as Christians because it reveals Jesus as God’s beloved Son. The vision portrayed here was designed to help sustain the disciples through the dark days of Jesus’ passion and death, and of course, it can sustain us through our own dark days.  But there is an additional cause for...
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