Deacon Blog

August 2016

Aug 25

When Jesus Comes for Us

In today’s Gospel reading, we hear Jesus say, "Stay awake!"  Be awake and alert: This has to be our mode of everyday operation, our lifestyle, if we are to be the Lord's good and faithful people. What will Jesus find us doing when he comes for us?   Maybe it’s an unpleasant thing to think about, but...
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Aug 18

Loved as God's Children

If we look at today's readings through the prism of the last sentence of the First Reading, "You shall be my people, and I will be your God", we get the sense of God’s gratuitous (unwarranted) love for us. We are God's children and he is our loving Father. We have his assurances that he will lead us, change us, and embrace us if...
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Aug 14

On Which Battlefield Do We Wish to Toil

This just in: Division surrounds us. We live in a world of divisiveness. Though we denounce this state of affairs, the world seemingly embraces, and celebrates it.  The world draws us into the fight between races, creeds, gender, and political affiliation, and all quite unnecessarily.   In contrast to the world’s form of...
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Aug 11

Forgiveness through Patience

Today's Gospel clearly provides us with an exhortation to be forgiving.  In both cases where forgiveness was being sought (first where it was sought from the master, and then from the servant) the request by the person seeking forgiveness came in the form of a plea for patience - "Be patient with me, and I will pay you...
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Aug 3

Going Beyond the Box

In the Gospel reading today, Jesus deals with a request that came from outside the parameters of his mission. When the Canaanite woman asks him to heal her daughter he replies, "No. My mission is only to the Israelites." However, he gives her what she asked for when her persistence proves that her desire comes from her true faith in...
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