Deacon Blog

August 2017

Aug 31

Teach us to Number our Days

How often are we reminded of how short life is?  It could simply be a sense that the years are flying by faster and faster.  It could be the sudden, unexpected death of someone that we knew well.  It could come from the images that we see on TV of natural disasters such as the horrific flooding in Texas. All of these things are a...
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Aug 24

We Are Precious in God's Sight

Today’s First Reading depicts each of us, no matter our gender, as the bride of the lamb. As we know, women and men who love Jesus are members of his Church. As members of his Church, we’re symbolically residents of the holy city Jerusalem. This reading, and the Gospel, remind us today that we, as his bride, are precious in his...
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Aug 13

With God All Things Are Possible

The phrase "With God all things are possible" is found three times in Holy Scripture. It doesn’t appear in today’s readings, but today’s Gospel compels us to reflect on it a bit. We can ask ourselves, is this expression just one of those throw away lines that we use just because we hear it so much (including from our...
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Aug 10

God Loves a Cheerful Giver

When we hear that someone has a need, be it a need for money or our time, we’re likely to want to help, to give. We see ourselves as generous people. But sometimes our bank account or work schedule or social schedule prevents us from acting upon that desire to give.  We realize that a generous spirit should be a part of our make up as...
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Aug 3

Spirit of the Law

Our readings today lead us to a better understanding of the synergy between the law of God, and the spirit of the Law, and how we can use the spirit of the law to teach, and influence others.   As any good parent knows, there's a certain science to building a moral foundation for our children by enforcing a set of do's and don'ts to help...
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