Deacon Blog

August 2018

Aug 30

Watchful Waiting

There is a strategy deployed in the medical field by doctors with their patients where a condition exists within the patient that is serious, but the harmful consequences of that condition are not imminent. It is called “watchful waiting”.  The condition might be something like a problematic cardiovascular condition or a cancer....
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Aug 23

Inviting Others to the Banquet

When Jesus told the parable in today's Gospel reading, he was addressing those who stubbornly refused to enter into a right relationship with their Messiah. Through the voice of the king who gave a wedding feast for his son, God the Father essentially says: "You have been invited to the Eucharistic banquet of the Savior, but you are saying...
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Aug 18

The Bread of Wayfarers

I saw a commercial this week for Quaker Oats cereal. In the commercial was a boy of about 12, I’d say, sitting at his kitchen table, eating his Quaker Oats cereal, staring dreamily out the window. He is envisioning a journey on his bicycle, from his house, up a trail that leads to a nearby mountain range. The scene then morphs into his...
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Aug 2

Everlasting Value

After listening to what Jesus was talking about, how the kingdom of heaven is like a net, maybe we can use this imagery to examine how we as individuals have helped to build the kingdom here on earth.  If each of our lives represented a net, what have we been collecting? When our lives on earth have reached their end and Jesus comes to...
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