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December 2014

Dec 25

The Light of Jesus Will Prevail

On this, the birthday of Christ, we celebrate his life, as he came, as the Gospel tells us, as "the true light, which enlightens everyone." We can take comfort in knowing that this light will ultimately prevail over any darkness.  And if we embrace this fact, the complexities of this life that burden us so often can be reduced to...
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Dec 18

Spirit of Hospitality

In today's Gospel reading, we see Joseph receiving Mary into his home. The word, "receive" connotes warmth and hospitality.  This is the same way that God wants to relate to us – he is very welcoming.  He is the Spirit of Hospitality. We in turn need to follow his example, and the example of St Joseph, in being...
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Dec 14

Don't Quench the Spirit

This Sunday, in the middle of Advent, is referred to as “Gaudete” Sunday, which means rejoice!  The First Reading resounds with the good news that the spirit of God is upon us because we have been anointed as God’s children.  The Second Reading from Thessalonians then proclaims that we should “Rejoice...
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Dec 11

God Calls us to Worship

The saying goes, "God is so high, you can't get over him, so low, you can't get under him, so wide, you can't go around him."  Our readings today attempt to likewise acknowledge the futility of trying to give form, through words, the magnificence of God and his kingdom.  And God leads us to conclude for ourselves, that all...
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Dec 8

The Grace that Protects us from Sin

After previewing today’s readings, I became drawn to think about the word “Grace”.  We can look at grace as a gift that we’ve been given to help protect ourselves from sin. In one of St Paul’s writings he says, “If we offer ourselves to God, sin no longer has power over us.  We're no longer slaves of...
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Dec 4


The imagery of the Lord being our rock and the source of all truth is very prevalent in our readings today.  We are given a choice of following God's will and living in a house built on rock, or following our own will and living in a house that doomed to parish since it is built on sand.   When I first looked at today’s...
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