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December 2015

Dec 31

Jesus' Light Prevails

The Gospel tells us that Jesus is "the true light, which enlightens everyone." We can take some comfort this morning in knowing that this light will ultimately prevail over any darkness.  If we embrace this fact, we will be able to better deal with the complexities and disappointments that burden us so often.  Focusing on...
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Dec 25

Reset Button

The office supply store Staples has had for some time, as a part of their advertising strategy, the theme of an “easy button”.  The idea behind it is that if you have an office supply “crisis” of some sort, then you just need to press this “easy button” and all will be solved.  And all of this...
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Dec 24

Heralds of the Faith

In this final day of Advent, the Church gives us, in this Gospel, what’s called, the Canticle of Zechariah, Zechariah's prophecy about John the Baptist.  It reminds us of two things: 1) That Jesus is in fact, the reason for the season, and 2) John is an example of who we are in relation to Christ.  We are not the Savior, but we...
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Dec 17

Christian Heritage

Today's Gospel reminds us of our Christian heritage.  If you look up “heritage” in the dictionary, the definitions reads, “Something reserved for another.”  Christ’s heritage is one that we all share.  It’s been reserved for all of us who share the name, Christian.  And it gives us hope!...
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Dec 13

Joy and Thankfulness

Joy and Thankfulness.  These two words are greatly interconnected, and it shows through in our readings here on the Third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday. “Gaudete”, as we know, means “rejoice.”   Rejoicing is what St Paul calls us to in the second reading. Knowing that the time of Christ is near, no matter...
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Dec 10

God Delivers Solutions

Being in business over the years, I’ve been involved in a number of, what might be called, “team building activities”, gatherings where you get to spend time with fellow colleagues outside of the workplace.  The intention is to build a bond between members of the team which hopefully would translate to a spirit of...
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Dec 3

Obedience and Salvation

The pathway to salvation that Jesus directs us to today routes us through two steps: 1) listen to Jesus' words, and 2) act on them. This prompts two corresponding questions inmy mind: 1) Can we lose our salvation?" And 2),"What is the connection between obedience and salvation?     Around our Thanksgiving dinner tables last...
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