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December 2016

Dec 29

Follow Christ's Light

How many times have we heard someone say, "Boy, I hate driving at night - I avoid it at all costs"?  We may have even said it ourselves a time or two.  There's just no comparison between God-given light and the combination of street lights and headlights, both of which are man-made.  Today's readings remind us that we...
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Dec 25

Choose the Light

When I was a kid, there was a house in our neighborhood kept their Christmas lights burning long beyond the Christmas season, through January and into February. The lights were on every night without fail. About the middle of February, one of the neighbors said to my parents, "You know, if I were too lazy to take my Christmas lights down, I...
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Dec 22

No Half Measures

The story of Hannah in our First Reading is a powerful story of faith.  Her appreciation for the gift that she has been given by the Lord, a son, is so profound that she leaves that son with the priest Eli for the purpose of giving him back to the Lord.  That action on her part seems so extreme, that it is hard for our minds to...
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Dec 15

Increase Your Capacity

The woman described in the First Reading had been deserted by her husband and her hopes for children seemed all but lost.  But despite her woeful state, the Lord says, “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back." In other words, “increase your capacity. Don’t limit your...
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Dec 11

Joy and Patience

The Third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday, is one of my favorite Sunday’s of the year because it focuses on joy and rejoicing. For my money there’s no better topic to preach about or hear about than joy. For me, in my limited understand and wisdom, if there’s one word that represents the confluence or nexus of heaven and earth...
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Dec 8

The Grace that Protects Us from Sin

After previewing today’s readings, I became drawn to think about the word “Grace”.  We can look at grace as a gift that we’ve been given to help protect ourselves from sin. In one of St Paul’s writings he says, “If we offer ourselves to God, sin no longer has power over us.  We're no longer slaves of...
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Dec 1

Idolatry, the Secret Assassin

The imagery of the Lord being our rock and the source of all truth is very prevalent in our readings today.  We’re given a choice of following God's will and living in a house built on rock, or following our own will and living in a house that doomed to parish since it is built on sand.   When I first looked at today’s...
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