Deacon Blog

December 2018

Dec 26

Climb the Mountain of Faith

St John the Apostle is an especially inspirational figure for us because of his extra-ordinary devotion to Christ.  His spiritual journey should inspire us to reflect on our own journey to know Christ and have greater fellowship with him.    A visual of a long journey up a mountain, a journey of faith, comes to mind as I think...
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Dec 22

The Joy of Recognizing Jesus

This Gospel shows Elizabeth and her unborn son, John, reacting to the nearness of the unborn Christ.  We know that Elizabeth immediately understood that Mary was pregnant with the Lord. The Gospel tells us that she was filled with the Holy Spirit.  But how could John, who was still inside the womb, somehow comprehend what was going on,...
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Dec 12

God Guides Us through Turbulence

From my days in business, I’ve been involved in a number of, what might be called, “team building activities”, gatherings where you get to have some fun with fellow colleagues outside of the workplace.  The intention is to build a bond between members of the team which hopefully would translate to a spirit of collaboration...
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