Deacon Blog

February 2015

Feb 28

Happiness through Obedience

We often hear references to “the dog days of summer” in August when the weather is pretty boringly hot every day, but to me, this late winter season is the really DOG days - just brutal. We virtually never see the sun.  And I think that it plays on our dispositions. We tend to get into more of a funk, we’re tired, maybe a...
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Feb 26

Turn Anxiety into Confidence

The message in this Gospel has to be very confidence inspiring for each of us.  There is such wisdom in its simplicity and such hope in the promise that it provides.  It gives us three word pairings – the first word is an action that we are to take, and the second word is the result God promises: 1) Ask, and it will be given to...
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Feb 19

Embracing the Cross

One of the songs that we sing during lent is entitled, “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.” There’s a different, more contemporary version of it called the “Wonderful Cross.” In this version, a refrain was added that says, "O the wonderful cross, bids me come and die, and find that I, may truly live."...
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Feb 15

Be Restored, Not Re-Invented

Imagine, you are a mom and you hear a distressed cry from your infant child who has just fallen face-first into the mud.  Your little girl now runs toward you, looking for comfort as tears are streaming through the dirt on her face. She has mud on her clothes, her face, in her hair, her eyes, and her mouth.   Do you run the other...
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Feb 15

Don't End Run Jesus

I want to talk to our parents for a moment.  Many of you moms, dads, and grandparents, with children aged maybe two, three, four, or five – think of how you have been bowled over with love when you arrived at home and your little ones came running to you.  It’s always been a great memory of mine – it’s one of...
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Feb 12

Living in Right Relationships

“It’s not good for a man to be alone”, says God in the First Reading.  Life is all about relationships.  Most of our time and money are spent cultivating “relationships,” and rightly so. Man is a social animal. We cannot be fully human without relationships.  But what does God reveal to us in the...
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Feb 5

Having Little, Giving Much

Someone once said, “Those are really rich whose needs are the least”.   Many of us who are here today are amongst those who have gone through the cycle of “buying stuff, then using that stuff, then discarding that same stuff” more than a few times.  Be it clothes, furniture, tools, appliances or gadgets,...
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