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February 2016

Feb 25

To Whom Do We Rely?

After reading through today's readings, my focus was drawn to the first sentence of the First Reading.  It said, "Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings, who seeks his strength in flesh, whose heart turns away from the Lord"  With that thought in mind, the question for us today is, "when push comes to shove, to...
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Feb 18

Act with Conviction, Remove Doubt

The message in this Gospel has to be very confidence inspiring for each of us.  There is such wisdom in its simplicity and such hope in the promise that it provides. It gives us three word pairings – the first word is an action that we are to take, and the second word is the result God promises:   1) Ask, and it will be given...
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Feb 17

Remorse and Repentance

I read somewhere that the conscience is like a sundial. When the sun shines upon a sundial, it points us to the right time. In the same way our consciences point us in the right direction in life. However, it’s important to remember that the sundial works only when the sun is shining upon it.   When the moonlight shines on the...
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Feb 14

Love and Self-Sacrifice

Because Easter comes earlier this year than most, we have the rare occurrence of the First Sunday in Lent landing on Valentine’s Day. The odds on that happening are I’m told somewhat akin to the odds of the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl in 2017 (as some may know, the Super Bowl odds came out this week – the Steelers,...
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Feb 11

Self Denial

If we choose the Lenten road to greater holiness, Jesus is our companion on this path of self-denial. Others may take a different path, the path of the world, where their companions are pride, envy and disobedience. Both roads lead to death, but the Lenten path takes us through death to new life.   If you ask people what they want from...
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Feb 4

Having Little, Giving Much

Someone once said, “Those are really rich whose needs are the least”.   Many of us who are here today are amongst those who have gone through the cycle of “buying stuff, then using that stuff, then discarding that same stuff” more than a few times.  Be it clothes, furniture, tools, appliances or gadgets,...
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