Deacon Blog

February 2018

Feb 15

Costly Grace

If we choose the Lenten road to greater holiness, Jesus is our companion on this path of self-denial. Others may take a different path, the path of the world, where their companions are pride, envy and disobedience. Both roads lead to death, but the Lenten path takes us through death to new life.   If you ask people what they want from...
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Feb 11

Open to Being Vulnerable

Today we see how Jesus responds to a leper who pleads for healing. This incident gives us a beautiful picture of the way Jesus responds to us when we are open to being vulnerable to him, knowing he can make us clean.   It’s hard to imagine what it would feel like to be Jesus in that moment, to be able to comfort and heal one of his...
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Feb 8

Don't Settle for Crumbs

We could interpret the message of today's Gospel to be that..... God is throwing a party and we're all invited!  Everybody gets to have a good time at his party. If we ever feel like we’ve been locked out or knocked down, the good news is, the God we serve will pick us up and place our feet on solid ground.  By the power of...
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Feb 1

Having Little, Giving Much

Someone once said, “Those are really rich whose needs are the least”.   Many of us who are here today are amongst those who have gone through the cycle of “buying stuff, then using that stuff, then discarding that same stuff” more than a few times.  Be it clothes, furniture, tools, appliances or gadgets,...
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