Deacon Blog

February 2019

Feb 27

Delay Not Your Conversion

Newspaper or magazine articles many times will deploy what is called a “pull-quote”- a key phrase, quotation, or excerpt that has been pulled from the article that is restated and embedded into the column in a much larger font, in an eye catching fashion. Its purpose is to highlight a key topic within article and to entice readers to...
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Feb 16

Hope in our Suffering

If we’ve been coming to church for a long time or are familiar with the Scriptures, we’ve probably become accustomed to interpret these Beatitudes to be like the Ten Commandments of the New Testament; that Jesus is saying if you do these things, you’ll grow and be blessed. We often use the Beatitudes at funerals as a way to...
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Feb 14

When Our Prayers Hit a Wall

Today’s Gospel story is intriguing because of this Greek woman's response to Jesus in the face of a seeming impossibility. She's a sign of hope for all of us when we're hitting the proverbial wall, and there seems to be no door through it. Her persistence and her confidence in Jesus, the ultimate barrier-breaker, are traits that we should...
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