Deacon Blog

January 2016

Jan 28

Expose Our Gifts

Today’s Gospel reading leads us to this question: Are the gifts that God has given us meant to be kept for ourselves (ie, hidden)?  The answer obviously is no. The lamp referred to in the reading is the light of Christ within us.  Every good gift that we've received - our talents, our hard-earned money, our wisdom, our home, all...
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Jan 21

Intercessory Prayer

In the midst of his greatest trial, facing his own death, Jesus prayed fervently, not only for himself but for his disciples and the rest of us. With that in mind, I believe that God has a special appreciation for people who pray for, and act on behalf of, others who are facing trials.   In the first reading today, we see intercession in...
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Jan 17

Envy and Jealousy

Envy and jealousy are spiritual poisons. They drain spiritual energy from our souls.  They disturb our peace of mind.  They lead to broken relationships, life-long regrets, family devastation, and even wars.  Envy is very powerful. It is not a surprise that the Church has long identified envy as one of the Seven Deadly Sins,...
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Jan 14

Healed Through His Love

We've heard stories of leprosy in the Gospels before. We know that lepers lived in isolation, filth, & poverty until the disease eventually progressed to cause their death.  Leprosy was, and still is, a powerful analogy for sin, which is a widespread, contagious affliction with similar effects on our spiritual lives.  Sin isolates...
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Jan 7

What Would Love Do?

As deacons, Deacon Gary and I don't hear confessions, but I imagine that if I were in the position to listen to people confessing their sins and providing council to them, I might want to prepare for it by prayerfully immersing myself in this First Reading today.  Why do I say that?  Well, I believe it is because the most successful...
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