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January 2017

Jan 26

Focus On, Dwell In, and Reveal the Truth

Today, the Gospel gives us the Parable of the Lamp, and follows that up with the Parable of the Measure. Received together, these two tell us how we are to deal with God’s truth as delivered by the scriptures.    We hear, "The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you."  To me this means, let's...
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Jan 19

Here I am; I Come to Do Your Will

The declaration that we made in today's Psalm, Psalm 40, "Here I am Lord; I come to do your will" is, on paper, a very simple prayer, while at the same time, it can be one of the most difficult to get our minds around.  If we can attempt, however, to live our lives in its simplicity, with it as our central focus, it can liberate...
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Jan 12

Encourage Others

One of the most important gifts that we've received from the Holy Spirit is the ability to encourage others, because it brings heaven to earth.  How does it bring heaven to earth?  When we encourage each other, as the first reading instructs us, it helps us become partners with Christ, enabling others to fulfill their potential as his...
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Jan 8

Look to the Stars

I’m sure each of us have had the occasion when we’ve looked up into the sky on a clear night and were awestruck by the enormity of the star-filled sky, and perhaps thought of what it might have been like for the magi, looking for guidance that evening.  Even though the naked eye can see only a small fraction of the universe God...
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Jan 5

Come and See

One of the blessings that come with being able to attend Mass during the week is that we get to hear the stories of the New Testament in succession over a number of days.  Such is the case this week as we've now read four consecutive days from the Gospel of John - John 1.  If we were to summarize, we might be able to call this...
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