Deacon Blog

January 2018

Jan 25

Meet Them Where They Are

There’s an old adage that has always stayed with me from my days in sales. It said, “In a sales situation, what the buyer has to say in the sales call, has much more potential to influence the success or failure of the call, than what the seller has to say.”  In other words, sales success is more likely to occur when the...
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Jan 18

Intercessory Prayer

In the midst of his greatest trial, facing his own death, Jesus prayed fervently, not only for himself but for his disciples and the rest of us. With that in mind, I believe that God has a special appreciation for people who pray for, and act on behalf of, others who are facing trials.   In the first reading today, we see intercession in...
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Jan 14

What are You Looking for?

Jesus says to us today what he said to Andrew in this Gospel, “What are you looking for?” No matter our age or stage in life, I believe that what we are looking for is a life that has meaning. Where do we find the meaning that we seek?  I believe that the Gospel puts us on the path to the answer: What we’re looking for can...
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Jan 11

Healed through His Love

We've heard stories of leprosy in the Gospels before. We know that lepers lived in isolation, filth, & poverty until the disease eventually progressed to cause their death.  Leprosy was, and still is, a powerful analogy for sin, which is a widespread, contagious affliction with similar effects on our spiritual lives.  Sin isolates...
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Jan 4

The 3 Legged Stool of Evangelization

If we were tasked with defining the word "evangelization", our response would probably focus on the process by which a person or persons seeks to spread the Gospel (or knowledge of it) to other individuals, to reveal the good news to others, with the ultimate goal of allowing conversion to take place.  Our definition heavily...
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