Deacon Blog

January 2019

Jan 24

Meet Them Where They Are

There’s an old adage that has always stayed with me from my days in sales. It said, “In a sales situation, what the buyer has to say in the sales call, has much more potential to influence the success or failure of the call, than what the seller has to say.”  In other words, sales success is more likely to occur when the...
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Jan 9

What Would Love Do

  We deacons don't hear confessions, but I imagine that if I were in the position to listen to people confessing their sins and providing council to them, I might want to prepare for it by prayerfully immersing myself in this First Reading today.  Why do I say that?  Well, I believe it is because the most successful pathway away...
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Jan 5

The Paradox of the Stars

I’m sure each of us have had the occasion when we’ve looked up into the sky on a clear night and were awestruck by the enormity of the star-filled sky, and perhaps thought of what it might have been like for the magi, looking for guidance that evening.  Even though the naked eye can see only a small fraction of the universe God...
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