Deacon Blog

July 2014

Jul 31

From Junk to Treasure

The symbolism in today's readings made me think of our St A's Flea Market.  The fishing net (as described in the Gospel), that collects fish of every kind, reminds me of how we indiscriminately take all incoming donations throughout the year through the far side door of the Community Center.  At first glance, we know some of the...
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Jul 24

Come Back to the Fountain

Just as Jesus had a way of using the imagery of common things around him in his parables to teach others- things like vines, seeds, branches, and coins), the First Reading and the Responsorial Psalm today use the imagery of water.  We are guided to turn away from our man-made solutions for fulfillment, and come back to the fountain of life,...
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Jul 20

Go and Make Disciples

A question: What is the mission of the Church? When Jesus summoned Peter as the rock upon whom he built his Church, what charge did he give out as its mission?  Well, first came "the great command" (two commands really): "You shall love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and all your mind" -...
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Jul 17

Come to Me - I will Give You Rest

Jesus says a lot in this very short passage today.  In it, he issues an invitation and makes a promise. “Come to me” is the invitation, and “I will give you rest” is the promise.   Question: To whom does he address this invitation, and this promise?  Answer: It goes out to “all who labor and are...
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Jul 3

Thomas: Failure or Example?

The moniker, "Doubting Thomas" evokes a negative connotation or narrative. He was the man who doubted that Jesus arose from the dead.  If someone compared you to him, you might consider it an insult. But on this his Feast Day, if we examine his life a little more broadly, we may gain an appreciation for his strong faith, and his...
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