Deacon Blog

July 2015

Jul 30

Purge Our Inventories

After listening to what Jesus was talking about how the kingdom of heaven is like a net, maybe we can use this imagery to examine how we as individuals have helped to build the kingdom here on earth.  If each of our lives represented a net, what have we been collecting? When our lives on earth have reached their end and Jesus comes to take...
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Jul 23

Living in Parables

I saw a quote that said, "Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.” A parable by definition is a succinct story that illustrates one or more instructive principles. Life is filled with stories that illustrate instructive principles, if we have eyes to see them...
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Jul 16

Head to the Cabin

Today’s Gospel, if we noticed, picks up right where yesterday’s left off in the 11th chapter of Matthew.  If you were here yesterday, you heard Fr Bob talk about each of us finding our “holy place”.  That holy place could be found within the confines of this building, or it could be some other place where find a...
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Jul 12

Connecting Others to Faith

We can blame it on the 200+ stations that we have on our cable systems.  Or maybe it’s the crazy fast paced schedules that we keep, full of work, family and other personal commitments.  It could be all our electronic gadgets and their instantaneous information or entertainment that we can’t be without, whether it’s...
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Jul 9

God's Gift Exchange

Most retail stores have gift exchange policies. God himself has a gift exchange policy as it is expressed in today’s Gospel. His thoughts on giving & receiving gifts gives us an intriguing way to look at our faith.   Jesus says in the Gospel, "Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give." God has...
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Jul 8

Surprises in the Community

In the Gospel reading today, even though they are mentioned individually by name, Jesus did not send out the twelve apostles as separate individuals when he gave them the mission of conquering demons and curing diseases. They were a community of believers who needed each other.  We are similarly bound as a community at the present day, but...
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Jul 1

Willing to Surrender

Today's readings remind us of the value of offering sacrifice to the Lord, honoring his authority, and acknowledging the authority given to those who are called upon by God through ordination to the priesthood.    In the Gospel, Jesus, our high priest, revealed the priesthood's authority to heal (in Anointing of the Sick) and to...
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