Deacon Blog

July 2016

Jul 28

The Touch of the Master's Hand

The First Reading directs us to think about how God, as the potter, has the ability to work in each of our lives, making us into a new creation. Along the way, day by day, we all have the opportunity to be changed, molded and cleansed by God.  Each of us reveals God's handiwork in a new and different way every day.  All it takes is one...
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Jul 21

Don't Be Sluggish

Here’s a question for us today: What makes us sluggish at times and not able to hear God’s truth? What’s the difference between those who understand what God says in the scriptures and those that don’t, or what Jesus meant in his parables and those that don’t? That's what the disciples wanted to find out in today's...
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Jul 14

Come to Me, I Will Give You Rest

Jesus says a lot in this very short passage today.  In it, he issues an invitation and makes a promise. “Come to me” is the invitation, and “I will give you rest” is the promise.   Question: To whom does he address this invitation, and this promise?  Answer: It goes out to “all who labor and are...
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Jul 10

Do the Next Right Thing

This gospel is, for many of us, maybe the one that we can remember for as long as we’ve been going to church. Why is that? Maybe because its message is so simple yet so profound that a young child can hear it, understand it, and be guided by the lesson it delivers.   "Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as...
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Jul 7

God's Gift Exchange Program

Most retail stores have gift exchange policies. God himself has a gift exchange policy as it is expressed in today’s Gospel. His thoughts on giving & receiving gifts gives us an intriguing way to look at our faith.   Jesus says in the Gospel, "Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give." God has...
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