Deacon Blog

July 2017

Jul 27

Be a Conduit of the Truth

Because God made us to be a relational people, nothing we receive is only for our benefit – what we receive must always be shared. God’s truth, his Good News is among those things that must be shared. So our role is to be conduits of the truth, to ingest God’s word (take it in) and then share it. A conduit by definition is...
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Jul 20

Rest Area

So, you’ve been travelling on the PA Turnpike for hours, fighting grueling traffic, and you’d give anything to stop, rest, take a stretch, and get a cool drink. And all of a sudden you see one of those blue and white signs – Rest Area. You slow down, exit to the Rest Area, and park in a peaceful place facing a lot of greenery...
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Jul 13

Prepare to Let Go

Every once in a while you will see commercials on TV from an outfit called "Foundation for a Better Life".  When I see one of them, they always catch my eye because they have a religious theme to them and they are so distinctively heartwarming.  I saw one recently that was entitled, "Letting Go".   It...
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Jul 9

Discovering our Purpose

Jesus’ yoke, according to what he exemplified in his life, is a mission of servanthood, a ministry that cares for others, and a love that makes sacrifices. If we are willing to accept the invitation to learn from him, accept his yoke, and do those same things, it would seem that we need to take three steps back from our lives and discover...
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Jul 6

Seeking Forgiveness

Today we're greeted with another Gospel story where it becomes useful to look at parallel accounts from other Gospel writers to get a clearer picture of what the writer was intending to convey.  The story of the healing of the paralytic is best known from Mark’s version. The picture of the four friends who carried the paralyzed man on...
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