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July 2018

Jul 29


For me, two themes emerge from our readings: 1) God’s provision: he graciously and abundantly feeds his people, and 2) Our response to his provision: If we live in faith, we are contented and hopeful, no matter our circumstances....
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Jul 26

Don't Be Sluggish

Here’s a question for us today: What makes us sluggish at times and not able to hear God’s truth? What’s the difference between those who understand what God says in the scriptures and those that don’t, or what Jesus meant in his parables and those that don’t? That's what the disciples wanted to find out in today's...
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Jul 19

Humility from Jesus

There are times in life when we feel just flat-out weary.  We feel weighed down and exhausted by things like family issues, difficult times at work, aggravations from contractors or utility companies, or maybe we just feel like all things that we used to be able to count on in life, our institutions and traditions, have suddenly become not...
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Jul 15

Resilience over Perseverance

A number of commentaries that I have looked at pertaining to this gospel focus on the faith-producing attribute, “perseverance.”  And that makes a good deal of sense as we hear that Jesus tells the Twelve to only take a walking stick and sandals. We infer from this that he desires a rugged determination and perseverance in order...
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Jul 12

Eternal Vocation

Each of us has a vocation. For those of us not yet retired, our vocation tends to take up most of our time and energy – it’s how we earn a living, and hopefully it has provided us with a sense of satisfaction. But there is second way of looking at vocation: Theologian NT Wright once called it “the covenant of vocation”....
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Jul 4

Overcoming Obstacles

Today, we’re invited to think of the obstacles that we face in our lives. Which of our obstacles scare us the most?  Which of them seem almost insurmountable? Which of them have we given up trying to overcome?    In today's first reading, the prophet Amos was told to quit doing God's work: Get out of Dodge –...
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