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June 2014

Jun 26


We all have times in our lives when we've had to endure setbacks and suffering.  But the Gospel tells us today that if we are anchored in our faith, and persevere, we can have calm amidst the storms.  The visual comes to my mind of one of those inflatable clowns that we might see at a kid's fun house or amusement park that are anchored...
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Jun 19

Our Father Responds to Us!

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus contrasts babble-prayer with holy prayer, and wordy prayer with a heart-felt "Our Father" prayer. Some people may think that the Rosary, for example, is babble-prayer, simply because it's a repetitious, formula prayer.  And it is. But it's babble only for those who don't use it for meditation...
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Jun 12

Slay Pride, Don't Keep Score

Anger, positioned within the commandment, "Thou shall not kill", seems on the surface to us to be no more than a small footnote.  So when we hear Jesus say, "Whoever is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment", that comes across to us as pretty darn harsh.  In the Gospel reading today, Jesus amplifies...
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Jun 8

Ducks Fly Together - Pentecost

When the peoples from every nation are listed late in the First Reading (We are Parthians, Medes, and Elamites and so forth) representing the what is now the unified, universal church, all of them being heard in the hearers' native language..... my simple mind harkens back to a scene from a movie, that epic film from of 20 years ago..... The...
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Jun 2

Trust Enough to Jump in the Wheelbarrow

Jesus asks the disciples (and us) in today’s Gospel reading: "Do you really believe?" We say we do, but our actions reveal the truth about ourselves, one way or the other.  There's a difference between saying we believe and showing we believe through our actions.   There is a story of a man named Charles Blondin, a...
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