Deacon Blog

June 2016

Jun 30

Jesus Knows Everything

I heard a little story about a little boy who wanted a bicycle for his birthday. He was praying one night at the top of his voice, “Dear Jesus, I’d really like a trek bike.  It’s called the Farley 24. I won’t be picky - I’ll take either the one with 20 inch wheels or the 24 inch wheels – whichever one you...
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Jun 23


We all have times in our lives when we've had to endure setbacks and suffering.  But the Gospel tells us today that if we are anchored in our faith, and persevere, we can have calm amidst the storms.    Winston Churchill once said something very simple but profound about perseverance. He said, “If you are going through...
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Jun 16

Our Father Responds to Us

The Gospel today picks up where yesterday’s left off, talking about our disposition when praying. And our reflection should carry forward as well, as Fr Bob, in his homily, talked about being in a state of prayer as a way of life really. In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus contrasts babble-prayer with holy prayer, and wordy prayer...
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Jun 12

Intimacy with God

If you read enough of St Paul’s readings and listen to the words of Jesus, you get the idea that almost all of our problems in this world come down to one problem: We just don’t know how to receive the love of God.  Paul seems to hit on this theme repeatedly in all of his letters. All sin, mistakes, problems, hurt and evil in...
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Jun 9

Overcoming Anger

In the Gospel, Jesus explains the increasing dangers of anger by listing the increasingly disastrous results in an angry person's soul.   Following along with what Jesus says in the Gospel, at the lowest level, anger in the heart results in "judgment," which is represented by the Jewish local court, where the least of the three...
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Jun 2

Sticking to the Truth

Finding the truth, the real truth, is a lifelong calling for all of us. And in our quest, those of us of faith find the truth in God.  We’re asked today to stick to that truth, even when it’s not so convenient. The good news is (as St Augustine of Hippo once said) “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend...
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