Deacon Blog

June 2017

Jun 29

Walking Talking Billboard

At one point in my business career, I was a Business Development Officer for a local bank. As a BDO, my job was to develop new banking relationships with businesses within a geographic territory that encompassed, say, four or five local branches. Because I was dealing with businesses that had generally never stepped inside one of my...
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Jun 22

Prayer that follows the Gospel

Within the Christian community, one can find some diversity among the varied approaches that certain groups and individuals have toward worship, devotion and prayer. Today's readings provide us with some tools for discerning the right path to express our faith in God.  As one who grew up with a Catholic dad and an Episcopalian mom, the...
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Jun 15

Anger and its Damage

In today's Gospel, Jesus tells us about anger. He makes us aware of the increasing dangers of anger by referring to its increasingly disastrous effects on an angry person's soul, and the damage it does to others.   At the lowest level, the reading tells us that anger in the heart results in "judgment," which, in that day, meant...
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Jun 11

Search and Rescue

On this, the first Sunday after Pentecost, we celebrate and honor God and our relationship with him as the Most Holy Trinity.   At Baptism, one of the first rituals that is performed before the actual baptism takes place, is the marking on the sign of the cross on the baby’s forehead by the presider, as well as the parents and...
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Jun 8

Believing the Creed

In our Gospel reading today, Jesus gives us that very familiar commandment to love God with all of our…everything, and to love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves. Loving God and believing in God are closely tied together. Our belief in God is proven by how we love, not by the words we speak. Words only prove that we have vocal...
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Jun 1

Love of God Revealed in Unity

Jesus tells us today in the Gospel that there is a standard for love. It’s very simple. It’s a person. It’s himself. And the great lesson he shows us today is that our love of God is revealed in our unity with each other.   In this “high priestly prayer”, Jesus prays that the hearts of those that follow him...
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