Deacon Blog

March 2018

Mar 30

Truly the Son of God

The Centurion is a great example of one who was changed by the cross.   One of the dirtiest jobs that you wouldn’t wish on anyone would be to prepare a condemned criminal for execution, and then carrying out the execution. Traditionally, the executioner's identity has been shrouded in anonymity. An axeman, for example, is always...
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Mar 22

How God Sees Us

This Gospel illustrates for us the contrast between how we view ourselves and the way God sees us.    Throughout the Gospel of John, we see a number of these dialogues between Jesus and others where Jesus and the others were not always on the same wave length- Jesus would speak of things from a spiritual perspective, and the people...
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Mar 15

Glory and Vainglory

This Gospel says a lot about glory and praise. It prompts us to ponder:  Do we sometimes worry too much over what others think of us? Do we sometimes say or do things to draw attention to ourselves? Do we ever obsess over whether we left the right impression with people? According to St Thomas Aquinas, "glory" denotes someone's...
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Mar 11

Gods Gifts of Free Will and Love

Today’s Gospel compels us to think of two of God’s greatest gifts to us, his love and our free will. The two go hand in hand. We hear, “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son”, and then we’re encouraged to use our freedom to choose the light as a response to God’s love.   Freedom is a concept...
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Mar 8

Overcoming Divisions

The profound statement that we just heard from Jesus, "Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters" leaves no doubt for us on our Lenten journey today.  There is no neutral ground.  We make no progress on our journey when one of our feet is on the path of holiness and the other foot is...
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Mar 1

Victory over Torment

The parable delivered in today’s Gospel compels us to think about our journey to heaven, and how to achieve victory over torment. Jesus presents us with the story of this rich man who is confronted with the eternal consequences of a sinful lifestyle. The reality of hell appears to prompt a transformation of heart in him as he tries to...
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