Deacon Blog

March 2019

Mar 27

No Off Switch with Relationships

The profound statement that we just heard from Jesus, "Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters" leaves no doubt for us on our Lenten journey today.  There is no neutral ground.  We make no progress on our journey when one of our feet is on the path of holiness and the other foot is...
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Mar 24

Conversion of our Minds

Today’s readings give us plenty of imagery to latch onto. In the First Reading, there’s the burning bush from which God speaks to Moses, and then there’s the parable of the fig tree where God plays the role of the merciful gardener.  But the one line that galvanized, that brought a “call to action” for me in...
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Mar 15

Dealing with Anger

In today's Gospel, Jesus tells us about anger. He makes us aware of the increasing dangers of anger by referring to its increasingly disastrous effects on an angry person's soul, and the damage it does to others.   At the lowest level, the reading tells us that anger in the heart results in "judgment," which, in that day, meant...
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