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May 2014

May 28

Ascension Thursday - Listen to the Whisperings of the Holy Spirit

Various Gospels contain parables of a master who sets out on a long journey and gives his servants charge of his estate until his return. In the feast of the Ascension of the Lord, parable becomes reality. Jesus departs to his heavenly Father and leaves his disciples in charge of the affairs of his kingdom until his return in glory.  ...
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May 22

Seeing Jesus in Others

In the Gospel that we read on Monday, Jesus introduced the Holy Spirit to the disciples, saying that the Holy Spirit will remind them of all that he (Jesus) had told them.  In today's First Reading we see Peter explain to the Apostles that, given that the Gentiles also received the Holy Spirit, Jewish Christians should embrace Gentiles as...
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May 15

Having a Heart for Others

The advertising campaign that has been assembled to attract the next group of men to seek ordination as deacons here in the Pittsburgh Diocese uses the tagline, "Do you have a heart for others?" This sounds like such a simple calling, but at the same time, to have a heart for others in the manner that Christ describes in today's...
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May 11

Be a Center of Influence

The word "Shepherd" is laced throughout our readings today. When we think of shepherding in the church context, we generally think of someone in a position of leadership, such as a pastor or bishop.  The Latin word for shepherd is, actually, "pastor". But throughout the New Testament, shepherding is also shown as an...
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May 8

Consumers vs. Producers

In our Gospel reading today, Jesus says, "I am the living bread from heaven." The image of the bread of life speaks about God's revelation to us in Christ.  Jesus is promising that all who eat of him, all who embrace his revelation, will be raised up to eternal life.  Embracing his revelation allows us, ourselves, be...
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May 1

We are Witnesses

Our readings today force us to ask the question: "To whose authority do we most cling to- God's authority (from heaven) or the man's authority (an earthen authority)?"  The call for us is not just to avoid disobedience, but to be fervently obedient to the call of God, an obedience that allows the Holy Spirit to enter into our...
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