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May 2015

May 28

Willing to Wear Our Faith

Today, we are confronted with this question: Are we convicted enough about our faith that we are willing to wear it boldly for others to see, or have we, in our timidity, limited our outward expression of faith?   The blind man in today's Gospel story was rebuked by others when he boldly called out to Jesus for help.  He probably...
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May 21

All May Be One

Today we hear the conclusion of Jesus' prayer at his last meal with the disciples.  Jesus prays not only for the disciples, but for those, as he says, "who will believe in me through their word."  In other words, he prays for us.   The prayer underlines the importance of remaining united to one another.  In order...
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May 14

Ascension is Just the Beginning

It’s tempting to see the Ascension, the conclusion of Christ’s earthly ministry, as an ending. But to think of it that way is to see things backwards. What we celebrate today is really a beginning.   As we heard in Mark’s gospel, moments before his Ascension, Jesus told his followers very simply: “Go into the...
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May 10

Love and Obedience

Our Gospel reading today continues Jesus’ conversation with his disciples that began (if you recall) last week using the image of the vine and the branches.  Realizing that his time was short, Jesus encouraged his followers to remain closely connected with God and with each other.   In the portion of John we hear today, Jesus...
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May 7

Remain in God's Love

Today's gospel is an extension of the gospel that was read yesterday and this past Sunday about the vine and the branches.  In these readings, I noticed that the word "remain" appeared 8 times in the 8 verses yesterday and 3 times in 3 verses today.  If we were to define that word "remain", it means to...
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