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May 2016

May 26

Don't Be Tepid

I don’t know how many of you watch “The O’Reilly Factor” on TV at 8 o’clock on weekday evenings.  One of the show’s features is the “Factor Word of the Day”. The host, Bill O’Reilly will recite a word, and use it in a sentence without giving its meaning. He’ll say something like,...
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May 19

Get Lean

Both readings today make the correlation between our physical being and our spiritual being. The “heart” is specifically mentioned in the first reading: “You have fattened your hearts for the day of slaughter.”   St Francis deSales once said, “You may possess riches without being poisoned by them, so long as...
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May 12

Jesus is the Standard for Love

If we had a passion for basketball, for example, we might look to Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry or one of the great female basketball stars, in order to see how the game should be played. An aspiring writer might read Shakespeare or Hemmingway in order to see how writing should be done. If we want to know how to love, we look to Jesus who is the...
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May 7

Love Seeks Union

Jesus tells us today in the Gospel that there is a standard for love. It’s very simple. It’s a person. It’s himself. And the great lesson he shows us today is that love seeks union. Love is measured by unity.   In this “high priestly prayer”, Jesus prays that the hearts of those that follow him would be...
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May 5

The Holy Spirit - the Voice of Truth

Various Gospels contain parables of a master who sets out on a long journey and gives his servants charge of his estate until his return. In the feast of the Ascension of the Lord, parable becomes reality. Jesus departs to his heavenly Father and leaves his disciples in charge of the affairs of his kingdom until his return in glory.   If...
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