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May 2018

May 31

Victory and Joy

Today we have heard a couple of delightfully uplifting readings. The first reading from Zephaniah can be used in meditation as a personal message from the Lord.  It's positive and encouraging and reassuring, not only because it promises victory over our troubles, but also because it says that God himself sings joyfully about each of us!...
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May 24

Purfied by the Holy Spirit

If we were to find ourselves in the wilderness and we become thirsty, we’d first be advised to find some water, but then secondly, we'd want to find a way somehow to boil it over a fire.  Fire has the ability to purify.  In the same way, we are purified by the fire of the Holy Spirit.  Our readings today encourage us to seek...
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May 17

Meaningful Prayer

   Most times, this reading draws me to talk about unity in some fashion, and most reflections written on this gospel focus on unity as well. But today I’m drawn to reflect on it from the perspective of the deep, unvarnished, heartfelt appeal that Jesus makes to the Father in prayer. Question for us: Can Jesus’ example...
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May 13

In Unity God Commands a Blessing

In this “high priestly prayer”, the longest recorded prayer of Jesus (this is just a portion of it), Jesus gives us his vision for unity as he prays that the hearts of those who follow him will be as one as he is one with the Father. When we come together in unity, the scriptures tell us that God will command a blessing on us. As it...
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May 10

Ascension is Just the Beginning

Ascension is Just the Beginning – Mark 16: 15-20, Thursday, May 10, 2018   It’s tempting to see the Ascension, the conclusion of Christ’s earthly ministry, as an ending. But to think of it that way is to see things backwards. What we celebrate today is really a beginning.   As we heard in Mark’s gospel,...
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May 3

May our Works Echo

There's been a certain rhythm or pattern through these readings from John over the last few days - you might even have felt that you're kind of hearing a sameness in the message each day.  But in today’s Gospel reading, Jesus says, "Whoever believes in me will do the works I do, and greater ones than these." What does he...
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