Deacon Blog

November 2015

Nov 19

What Makes for Peace

In today's Gospel, Jesus makes the proclamation, "if only you knew what makes for peace!"  Its cry out to all of us today who have lost sight of, even if for a moment, the true pathway to peace and real joy. It’s a thankful heart that seeks and finds peace through the Gospel.   Imagine for a moment, you have a nephew...
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Nov 15

The Countdown Before the Countdown

The “Gospel Acclamation”, if you’re not familiar with that expression, is the little musical interlude that happens in the Mass in the lead up to the Gospel. It’s more than just travelling music as the priest or deacon makes their way over here to the ambo.   The Scripture verse that is sandwiched in between the...
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Nov 12

Is It in You?

If you’ve watched much sports on TV, you may have seen the Gatorade commercials that posed the question, "Is it in You?" Their premise is that if you drink their product, you'll be able to make the same kind of spectacular plays as the athletes who are depicted in the commercial.  They drive home their point by showing big...
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Nov 5

Poor But Not Knowing It

During communion calls a while back, a woman that I met with was reflecting on her humble beginnings, growing up in the 30's and 40's, and she used an expression that has really stayed with me since our time together.  It’s probably an expression that you've heard other people use, or maybe you've even used it yourself.  She...
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