Deacon Blog

November 2016

Nov 23

Dealing with Persecution

In today's Gospel passage, Jesus says to his disciples (and that includes all of us), "People will persecute you” and then he essentially says, “you better get used to it, accept it, and remember that by persevering, with me at your side, your eternal life in the glory of heaven is secure."   He said we'd be summoned...
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Nov 17

What Makes for Peace

In today's Gospel, Jesus makes the proclamation, "if you only knew what makes for peace!"  Its cry out to all of us today who have lost sight of, even if for a moment, the true pathway to peace and real joy. It’s a thankful heart that seeks and finds peace through the Gospel.   Imagine for a moment, you have a nephew...
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Nov 12

Boot Camp Perseverance

Basic Combat Training is the official name for what the US Army veterans might call, in an affectionate way, “Boot Camp” – ten weeks of programmed exercise, education, exertion and examination. It’s not fun, nor is it meant to be fun. When new recruits begin to lose energy or enthusiasm after the first week or two, they...
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Nov 10

The Kingdom of God Is Among Us

In the Gospel reading from Luke, Jesus is asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God would come.  In their minds, they assumed that there would be a definitive time (probably in their own lifetimes) when they'd suddenly encounter the arrival of their triumphant Messiah.  Jesus says that it is not going to be like that at all. The...
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Nov 3

Purity of Heart

In the First Reading, Paul says, "Whatever gains I had, these I have come to consider a loss because of Christ.  More than that" he says, "I even consider everything a loss because of the supreme good of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord."  This passage, and both of our readings in total, draw us to the importance of...
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