Deacon Blog

November 2017

Nov 30

Family Evangelism

We all have been blessed with the vocation of revealing the joy of the Gospel so that others feel attracted to Christ. Through baptism, we have been joined to the ministry and purpose of Jesus. We are called and empowered by his Spirit to give others the joy that nurtures and heals. The world becomes a better place because we are apostles of...
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Nov 22

Willing Servants

The parable of the Ten Gold Coins as told by Luke is very much a parallel to the parable of the Talents that we heard about over this past weekend.  If we were to look at the two parables side by side, they appear on the surface to be very similar, but they differ in significant ways.    What is similar between the two can be...
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Nov 16

Pursuit of Wisdom

In the Old Testament, "Wisdom" is another name for the Holy Spirit. Today's reading, from the Book of Wisdom, lists the qualities of a soul that's guided by wisdom, i.e., guided by the Holy Spirit.   The Holy Spirit is the source of those qualities, not ourselves. When our relationship with the Holy Spirit is active and healthy...
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Nov 12

Faith in God's Timing

Sometimes God’s timing makes absolutely no sense at all. Today’s readings show us, however, the foolishness of thinking that God’s sense of timing should fall in line with ours.    We all want good things to happen in our lives, but too often we want those things now...not later.  When that promotion at work...
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Nov 9

We Are God's Temple

We are God's building, as today's second reading tells us, because Jesus Christ is our foundation. However, we suffer the consequences of a cracked, weakened, or even collapsed building if we’ve built our life upon his (Christ’s) foundation with materials that are not from God.   We are God's temple, because the Holy Spirit...
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Nov 2

The Hope of Heaven

Repeating this last line from Jesus in the Gospel, “This is the will of my Father; that everyone sees the Son and believes in him, may have eternal life.” If our hope is to be delivered from this world to the next into heaven, how encouraging this statement must be for us!   Jesus is referring to all of us! God the Father has...
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