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October 2014

Oct 30

Put on the Armor of God

Have you ever taken a walk through, or driven through, a neighborhood where you come across two houses, side by side, that have a large fence that separates the two properties?  You look at it and say: “Wow. That looks pretty unnecessary.”  The functionality of the fence goes way beyond providing a little privacy – It...
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Oct 23

In His Peace We Are Divided from the World

Christianity brings with it the promise of peace.  At Jesus’ birth, the angels proclaimed, peace on earth, good will to men. Peace is a good thing.  But, in the name of peace, Satan and the world tempt us to give up the truth.  In the name of peace, they tempt us to compromise, so that in the end, we lose the peace that...
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Oct 16

Accepting our Adoption

In the First Reading, Paul tells us that, God has hand-picked every one of us. He says, “In love, he (God) destined us for adoption to himself through Jesus Christ, in accord with the favor of his will.” Through Jesus Christ, we are Father God’s adopted children.  The question for us becomes, in response to the...
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Oct 9

Receiving and Spreading the Faith

Have you ever met someone who is so even keeled, nothing ever seems to bother them?  They just go with the flow.  They are visually very placid and always seem very calm, no matter how disturbing the environment surrounding them may be.  You almost want to pull a prank on them just to see them get a little riled up.   No...
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Oct 2

Count Your Blessings

In my time as a deacon, I’ve done over 200 homilies but not one of them has contained a joke.  If you don’t mind, I’d like to give one a try. In light of Christ’s admonition to be childlike, I thought this might fit:   There was this married couple, Bob and Suzy. It was Suzy’s birthday. So Bob yells to...
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