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October 2015

Oct 29

Bedside Comfort

When our daughter was a little girl, there would be nights when she'd have difficulty falling asleep.  Like other little children I'm sure, she would be spooked by (and have anxieties over) things that only a child could imagine- fears that were unsubstantiated and far-fetched.  I remember her fearing that someone was going to sneak in...
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Oct 22

Peace of Christ

In today's Gospel passage, Jesus says that he did not come to bring peace to the earth. And yet elsewhere in scripture, in fact, in plenty of elsewheres, he says, "My peace I give to you." Is that a contradiction?   It’s not a contradiction. Jesus is helping us today to correct the way we think about peace.  In our...
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Oct 15

Faith and Works

The contrast in approach between Protestant and Catholic, as well as the contrast in emphasis between faith and works, has been the subject of much discussion throughout all of our lifetimes.  Today's first reading allows us to revisit these contrasts in today's environment.   For many who were raised and taught in the Catholic faith...
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Oct 11

The Joy of Surrender

In our language, the word “surrender” is virtually never seen as a positive thing.  But today’s readings help us see that, as Christians, we ultimately can find joy in surrender.   By definition, surrender means to yield ownership, to relinquish control over what we consider ours: our property, our time, our...
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Oct 8

Home Field Advantage

During the lead up to the baseball playoffs, there had been a lot of talk about the importance of the Pirates gaining the home field advantage.  It did not manifest itself by enabling a win last night, but in general, when playing the game at home, the crowd not only cheers you when you do well, they cheer you simply by your taking the...
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Oct 1

Live as Courageous Disciples

There’s a quote that I came across. I’m not sure who originated it or in what context it was given, but it says, “Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable”. To live out both ends of that calling, and “go on our way as lambs among wolves” as the Gospel suggests, we need to have a little courage. Lambs...
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