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October 2017

Oct 26

On Which Battlefield Do We Wish to Toil?

Each time this Gospel rolls around, the world is more divided than the time before.  The world does divide us by race, creed, gender, and political affiliation. This division produces no victors, only losers, and no peace.       In contrast to this (the world’s) form of division, the division that Jesus...
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Oct 19

Good Works are the Fruits

The first reading tells us that “we overcome the power of sin and death to enjoy eternal life in heaven”, not by doing good deeds and obeying church doctrine, but by the grace of God, through the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus, and the power of his resurrection, and by placing our faith in that truth. Good works are the fruits of the...
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Oct 12

Receive God's Favor

The message in this Gospel has to be very confidence inspiring for each of us.  There is such wisdom in its simplicity and such hope in the promise that it provides.  Jesus uses the story of the midnight visit by a friend to ask for bread to inspire us to have a fervency and constancy in our prayer, so that we can receive God’s...
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Oct 7

Gods Gifts of Mercy and Grace

There is so much focus these days on all the calamitous things that happen in life: the hurricanes and floods down south, the murderous rampage of Las Vegas, and of course, all sickness and disease. Many people often get angry at God and ask why he allows bad things to happen.   Receiving much less consideration is another question that...
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Oct 5

Be a Witness of our Faith

In today’s Gospel, Jesus isn’t just limiting this evangelization mission to just his inner circle. He’s commissioned this large contingent of 72 disciples to help him with the harvest. Question for the day: What was he asking of these disciples, and what is he asking of us? He asks them, and us, to bring others to him through...
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