Deacon Blog

October 2018

Oct 25

Get Things Settled

In the First Reading Paul urges his listeners to live in a manner worthy of their call: to live in humility, patience, and to bear with one another (forbearance).  In the Gospel, Jesus urges his listeners to get things settled, solve issues in the here and now rather than to allow issues to remain unadjudicated until the time of the...
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Oct 14

Nothing is Impossible

In today’s Gospel, after the back and forth about how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God, the disciples say to Jesus in exasperation, “Who then could possibly be saved.”  His response: “For human beings it is impossible, but not for God. All things are possible for God.”   If we were to survey 100...
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Oct 10

Faith Beyond Obedience

St. Paul in the First Reading is a ball of fire today. He doesn’t mince any words.  Imagine as a Galatian, having him as a preacher.  The first words of his sermon are, “You stupid Galatians….”  I imagine he got their attention.  But once we look beyond his bluster, the message behind his tirade...
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Oct 3

Like Francis of Assisi

There are many saints worthy of adulation, but St Francis of Assisi, who we celebrate today, is regarded in a special way because he displayed a nature that was so similar to Christ's. We're told that he abandoned his upper-middle class comforts and privileges at the early age of 22 or 23 to wander through the hills around Assisi, in a style...
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