Deacon Blog

September 2014

Sep 25

Seeing God's Existence

Our readings today point us to one of the most fundamental questions of our faith: "If I can't see God, how do I know he exists?" Answering this question becomes both an intellectual and spiritual exercise.  We all want to "see" the Lord, but like Herod, we can become perplexed because our vision is hampered- it is...
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Sep 18

Opening our Eyes to our Sinfulness

In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus says, "The one who's forgiven little, loves little." In other words, those who don't ask for forgiveness very often have little genuine love for others.  We’re reminded today that we need to open our eyes to our sinfulness.  If we spend time in daily self-examination, seeking to...
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Sep 11

Living Grace

Many times when reading the Gospel, there will be a word that jumps out at you that helps define the whole message, yet the word doesn’t appear on the printed page.  For me, today’s word is grace – to live a life that seeks God’s grace. Grace has many facets to its definition, but it starts out as this: “Grace...
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Sep 7

Choose Love Over Guilt

The temptation for me over the years when hearing this reading has been to look at these rules of engagement (if you want to call them that) as a clinical “how to guide” to resolving conflicts where someone has done someone else wrong.  But if we step back and allow ourselves to look at our readings more broadly, it becomes...
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Sep 4

Bring it to God

Have you ever found yourself in prayer, as I have, saying this or something like it, "Lord, I know you can't be pleased with me right now.  I'm gonna beat this thing (whatever that "thing" might be).  Hang in there with me and I'll be right with you."  Our readings today remind us of the "folly" that...
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