Deacon Blog

September 2015

Sep 24

Acting on Curiosity

Today's readings challenge us to consider our ways when it comes to dealing with God's truth. What is our level of curiosity when it comes to being faced with God's truth as it is revealed to us?  Are we simply passive observers of the truth as we become aware of it, or are we curious enough to be moved to immerse ourselves in pursuit of...
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Sep 17

Be Diligent with Your Gifts

In today's first reading, we see another instruction from St Paul to Timothy- this on the importance of using his (Timothy’s) gifts in order to become more Christlike. The last line of the reading tells him that by doing so, this would enable him to save himself & others.  To help us fulfill that same mission to be diligent with...
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Sep 10

Dealing with the Enemy

Tomorrow is the 14th anniversary of the day terrorists changed the world by attacking the U.S.  Three years ago, we had the attack on Benghazi, Libya, when a US Ambassador was among those killed.  And the world is now watching other conflicts play out.    In each case, it has not always been easy to figure out who the enemy...
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Sep 6

Judge Not, See the Best

This just in… Judgmentalism is a bad thing – We’ve all heard the expression, “Judge not, lest you be judged”. The antidote for judgmentalism, as delivered by the Gospel, is to choose to see and hear as Christ sees and hears. By doing that, we help both ourselves, and others.   The 2nd reading shows us that...
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Sep 3

Love Leads to Knowing God's Will

  Today's first reading is kind of a quintessential St Paul writing.  It contains only two sentences - two "run-on" sentences.  And as it is with me many times, when I'm done listening to it, or reading it the first time, I say to myself, "I'm not sure what that was all about." But we find that with this...
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