Deacon Blog

September 2016

Sep 29

Angels Work for God

The best, and most entertaining, descriptions of heaven tend to come from little children. And the same could be said of children’s descriptions of angels. One 7 year old said, "Angels work for God, and watch over kids when God has someplace else to go.” Well, angels do work for God, and God does have plenty to do, but...
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Sep 22

Seeing God's Existence

Our readings today point us to one of the most fundamental questions of our faith: "If I can't see God, how do I know he exists?" Answering this question becomes both an intellectual and spiritual exercise.  We all want to "see" the Lord, but like Herod, we can become perplexed because our vision is hampered- it is...
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Sep 15

Compassion Goes Deep

When it was first observed earlier in the 20th century, this feast of Our Lady of Sorrows was actually referred to as “Our Lady of Compassion.” In truth, the use of the word “compassion” maybe gives us a little more of an insight into the relationship between Mary and her cherished Son Jesus.   Looking at the word...
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Sep 11

Finding Joy

Christ's parables always teach us something about God, but they also teach us something about ourselves. The parables we just listened to clearly highlight God's mercy, his active love for sinners.   But they also give us an answer to the most difficult and urgent question that the human family has had to face in every generation: What is...
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Sep 8

God Writes Straight with Crooked Lines

I heard someone once say, “God writes straight with crooked lines.” If we reflect on this Gospel, I think that we can conclude that, yes, God does in fact write straight with crooked lines. We see it in our lives every day.  I’ll explain…   The genealogy of Jesus reminds us of an interweaving story of twists...
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Sep 1

Trust His Heart

Our readings tell us that our own personal wisdom or might can’t match the wisdom or might of God. Whatever is holding us back from completely relying on and following God, we need to just trust him and he will deliver.     I was listening to a prayerful hymn the other day that encapsulates this sentiment.  It says this...
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