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September 2017

Sep 28

Encounter Jesus

Here in this Gospel we see King Herod trying to see (or encounter) Jesus. He wanted to meet Jesus because of all the fascinating news that he had heard about this miracle-worker from Nazareth.  But sadly, when he did have the opportunity to encounter Jesus, he did so as no more than a passive observer. The encounter did not impel him to...
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Sep 21

Mercy, Not Sacrifice

Jesus admonishes the Pharisees here when he says. “Go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice’”. He was quoting the prophet Hosea, who, centuries earlier, had condemned the Jews for attempting to excuse their idolatry and their oppression of the poor by offering the prescribed animal sacrifices. God...
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Sep 14

Why God Became Man

Today’s readings compel us to answer maybe the biggest “why” question of our faith. Why did Jesus Christ take flesh?  The answer to this “why” question then compels us to follow up with a “what” question – What does that mean for us? And in accepting by faith the answers to both the...
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Sep 10

Our Choices Matter

Freedom is something that is frequently talked about, especially in our country where it is enshrined in our hearts as a foundational pillar of our existence, guaranteed by our constitution, but we rarely think of where freedom ultimately comes from. Freedom is a gift from God. What we do with that gift, through the choices that we make,...
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Sep 7

Cast Your Net

As we know from our own experience of reading the Bible, even the most well-known verses in scripture can carry a little different message for us each time we read it. There may be a word or a phrase that just jumps out at us in a way that has never occurred to us before.   Such was the case for me in reading this Gospel today when I...
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